Lantern Candle Holder

   The history of candles dates back to 5000 BC, and the invention of this portable light source encouraged us to conquer the darkness. However, people often forget about the other great invention that followed the candles, despite its impact on the

humanity - candle holders. It was the candle holder that really helped maximize the candle’s potential.


   Since then, designers across the world have always tried to improve the world by coming up with new ideas of candle holders. And, when Ken Tsunoda decided to take on this big challenge, he turned to his native country of Japan. He thought he could draw on the country’s traditional paper lanterns,

especially the floor standing ones. While insulating the floor against the melting wax, the paper shades can make the naked candle light mellow and diffused.


   Yanagi is a Japanese word for willow. The candle burning behind it provides dimmed, flickering look while making visible the almost ghostly, sculptural inner contour. And in the Japanese folklore, willow tree is always associated with ghosts, showing and hiding between the swaying branches.

Akari light sculpture series by Isamu Noguchi, created following his visit to manufacturers of paper lanterns and parasols in Japan.