Tableware for

Wish-making Sushi Roll

   In Japanese lunar calendar, February 3rd is the day before the beginning of spring, and variety of traditional events are still practiced even today, such as scattering soybeans or putting up sardine-head charms.


   Ehomaki is a big, wish-making sushi roll eaten on that day. But there are rules to follow and it doesn’t mean your wish will automatically be granted just by eating it. First, while eating, you are supposed to face that year’s “lucky direction”. Second, once you take the first bite, you are not allowed to speak a word until you finish the whole roll.


   Nobody else will know what your silent wish is, and you are also well aware that it is nothing more than a superstition. But you can’t stop making wishes, perhaps because you want to believe in the superstition. Undercurrent is a translation of this quirky but solemn moment into a tableware. Your wish will remain unsaid, but nonetheless keep running deep like an undercurrent.

Bean-scattering event at a temple

Photography by Photo Saitama