Spilling for Good (or Bad) Luck

   One Japanese superstition says spilling sake in dream is a sign of bad relationship. And if you look around the world, you can find out similar superstitions related to spilling from across the world.


   In Italy, if you spill wine, you have to wet your fingers in it and dab your ears to chase away the bad luck. Similarly, in India, it is commonly said that spilling milk is considered a bad omen because of the holiness of cows. However, in complete contrast, the Portuguese believe that spilling wine brings good fortune and happiness. And in Romania, spilling coffee means you will receive money from somewhere. The tiny mishap that happens to everybody is drawing toward you all the good and bad luck at the same time, depending on the

superstitions believed in different cultures.


   Ken Tsunoda’s Spill is a drinking cup with an extra thick rim. It is carefully rounded to make drinking or pouring without spilling very hard. By encouraging to spill, it invites you to appreciate and enjoy the uncertain future, in both good and sometimes bad ways, while allowing us to be more generous to the simple playfulness and joy of spilling.