Ikebana Vase for Contemporary Housing Requirements

   Ikebana is the Japanese traditional art of flower arrangement. But, despite the long history it has, today, the ikebana population is on the decline.


   One of the reasons is the change in

architectural styles. In traditional Japanese houses, ikebana pieces used to be displayed in wall recessions called tokonoma, which made the focal point of reception rooms. However, westernization and city congestion are making tokonomas obsolete, lowering ikebana’s popularity.


   Ken Tsunoda’s interest was in making  a vase that would make this ancient art more accessible for today’s enthusiasts. Pond is an ikebana vase designed to meet today’s housing requirements. The minimal aesthetics will not require the space consuming traditional Japanese interior, and fit into any corner of your house. Also, the overall shape being so simple, it will also allow even a single flower you throw in from your backyard to create the perfect composition.


Typical tokonoma with an ikebana piece

Photography by Tess Kelly