"Nomi-nication" Serving Bowl

   “Nomi-nication” is a word coined by putting

together the Japanese verb “nomu”, meaning to drink, and the English noun “communication”. The word shows how important candid communication over a drink is for the Japanese.


   But the youths in Japan are not as drenched in alcohol as their parents used to be. They are more health conscious and tend to feel more ashamed of being drunk in the public. After-work drinking with colleagues and bosses used to be the primary occasion for nomi-nication in the past, but the evenings are spent otherwise nowadays.


   Ken Tsunoda’s Naga Katakuchi, which translates to “long-spouted bowl”, is designed to bring back the joy of work-related nomi-nication. Serving drinks to each other is the distinctive feature of Japan’s drinking culture. This provides great opportunity for casual conversations to happen between workers from different divisions and job titles. The extra-long spout will allow you to serve sake to people sitting next to you, around you, or even far across the table with ease. Naga Katakuchi is encouraging you to pour sake into all the empty glasses around you, and strike up conversations.