Embarrassment-free Sex Toy

   There is a growing trend in the industrialized world that more and more young adults are having less sex, and Japan is the global leader of the trend. Latest statistics shows that almost 1 in 10 adults in their 30s remains a virgin, which, of course, would further accelerate its on-going "super aging". One forecast indicates age 65+ will account for 40% of the population by 2060.


   Ken Tsunoda believes that appropriate use of sex toys will help increase the rate of spontaneous sexual intercourse, which will eventually contribute to improving the sexlessness among the youths. There are variety of male masturbation toys already in the market, but they are designed for solo use by male users, and tend to be too graphic and often not friendly to their female partners.


   DISCREET is a male sex toy designed to

be used by couples. Its fine design will easily blend in with the owner's living environment without embarrassing him in his partner’s presence, while being a great sexual prop if he wants to change the mood spontaneously but swiftly.